Defensive Solutions Group is the only company in FL to offer an online option to meet the training requirements needed apply for your Fl concealed weapons firearms carry license.  We are an insured and licensed Florida based firearm training company consisting of certified instructors throughout the state of Florida.  In addition, we offer conventional classes meeting the same requirements at very low rates.

Student options include:

  • Conventional 1:1 Course:  This is a 1-2 hour no-frills firearm course designed for the student looking to meet the bare minimum state requirements to receive a Florida Concealed Weapons License / Permit. This is the Florida license required for anyone who wishes to to carry a handgun concealed.  This class includes a short, basic safety lecture as well as state required range time. All students are required to demonstrate they can safely handle and fire a firearm to successfully complete this course and apply for a license / permit.  Students are required to shoot a minimum of 50 rounds in this course.  Classes are scheduled to meet the needs of the student and satisfy Florida’s requirements to apply for your gun permit. Group discounts available.
  • Defensive Pistol 1  Course: This course is a full day, hands-on, 8 hour defensive pistol class done completely at a private range and designed for the novice student who would like to take a course that goes well beyond your typical FL concealed weapons course

    The day will start with a safety lesson followed by basic marksmanship skills. As the day progresses students will learn

    • Basic marksmanship
    • Pistol presentation
    • Combat mindset
    • Malfunction clearing
    • Shooting within arms reach
    • Shooting from a distance
    • Shooting under pressure
    • Multiple assailants

    This course meets the State of Florida’s training requirements to get a FL Concealed Weapons license / Permit. Group discounts available.